How to make Aion kinah

Published: 22nd October 2009
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Kill humanoid enemies, harvest Herbs and Ores whenever possible. It's worth noting that some of the Ore deposits and Herb patches are "booby trapped", namely, they spawn enemies as soon as you finish harvesting to discourage THAT kind of farming and force the "normal" RPG farming! Sadly, they fixed the clipping errors that spawned land enemies in midair... That was funny!

Sell whatever you don't need--Aion actually has a button called "Sell Misc. Items" which will AUTOMATICALLY mark all useless items to sell! Click the Sell button to finalize the deal. Note that this will NOT sell crafting items, nor items you've outgrown, nor even "Useless" items that are part of a Quest, so go ahead and use it without trepidation!

Gray Quality items are "Useless" (Torn/Ripped/Broken, or just bodyparts of monsters) White Quality items are "Normal" (No special qualities, but Crafted or Named ones can be worth something...) Green Quality items are "Rare" (Extra stats or some mild enchantment.) Azure Quality items are "Legendary" (Amazing stats, higher than Rare!) Orange Quality items are "Unique" (Phenomenal relics that will change the course of a character's life, let alone battles!)

With that in mind, why would anyone collect Gray items? Because they STACK! You can have up to 100 of a given item in ONE inventory-slot--that would be some SERIOUS grinding! Approximately 10 Gray items make the value of a White name item. (The stack-limit will soon be increased to 1,000!)

Also, take advantage of the Brokers (Aion's version of Auction House): Selling Herbs and Ores to other players can sometimes be many times more profitable than to the NPC Vendors, and for Manastones, they don't even pay enough to justify dragging the item to the sell area, but other PLAYERS might offer more! (Not counting the 2 Manastone Quests for each side, see above) Other players will pay a MINT for Green Quality or better items--and even some of the better White Quality items! (I.e., ones you make yourself, Mana Potions, etc.)

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